What to Expect 
FLOWpresso has wonderful benefits and has been shown to improve sleep, lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation. This often results in improved sleep and and increased ability to cope with stress. Depending on your bodies ability to clear toxins, you may feel quite tired for one to two days post-session. We typically recommend 2-3 sessions in recovery mode before trying the sports performance mode for this reason. As with any massage,we highly recommend that you hydrate after your appointment and throughout the day. Mostly, you can expect to feel nice and relaxed and you will find yourself looking forward to your quiet escape.

Please note: For all appointments it is essenital to wear clean and comfortable long-sleeve clothing (both top and bottom), and clean socks. This is for both hygeine and comfort and will result in having to reschedule the appointment if short sleeve clothing is worn. Some people may not tolerate the heat well. We can turn this off at any point during the appointment or avoid althogether. A mild sweat is to be expected but it should not exceed this. You can read more on our policy under the policy tab.