Lose track of time and step away into an ultimate moment of calm and relaxation. Reconnect and reset in a quiet state of recovery through compression, deep pressure and thermodynamic heat; promoting muscle relaxation, enhanced immunity and detoxification. Depending on your goals, you can experience FLOWpresso in recovery mode or try the Sports Performance Mode for improving performance and general sports recovery. Sports mode offers slightly stronger compression and it is recommended that you first try two recovery sessions to ensure that you body can efficiently clear toxins post-appointment. Allow for a total 1-hour appointment time. Please ensure that your bring with or wear long-sleeved clothing (pants and top) and clean socks for both comfort and hygiene purposes. FLOWpresso is such a great way to kickstart, reset, and to take a moment to reconnect with yourself away from the chaos and demands of everyday life.

  • Category: FLOWpresso
  • Duration: 00:40 Hours
  • Address: Suite 5D 2 Balgownie Drive, Peregian Springs, Sunshine Coast QLD (Map)




Please ensure that you wear clean and comfortable long-sleeve clothing (shirt and pants) and clean socks to ensure the best experience.